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To the Alps and beyond!

Alpine Volksmusik offers 24 single instruments, from Accordion to the "Zillertaler“ violin. This collection offers everything you need to compose music in the authentic Alpine and Upper Carniola style. Only the best artists of this genre were recorded for these instruments.

Alpine Volksmusik is the first professional sample-library dedicated to the incredibly wide field of traditional Austrian, Bavarian as well as Upper Carniolan folk and brass music. Whether you need a familiar orchestration or an entire Bigband, these 24 high-quality instruments got you covered. 

Alpine Volksmusik covers the whole spectrum of instruments, that are necessary to produce this kind of folk music in a digital environment. Accordion, styrian harmonicas, clarinets and brass instruments are available just like guitar, bass and drums. And of course, we didn't forget traditional instruments like the dulcimer, the Zillertal fiddle and the alpine bells.


All instruments were recorded in every details and offer different articulations that can be keyswitched to deliver authentic sounds. In the clear user interface of the Engine player you can also adjust certain parameters of the accordion such as release-noises. Levels, panning, legato, reverb and further functions can be set here as well.

All instruments were played by masters of the Volksmusik genre, just read the list below. These experienced musicians are not only virtuosos of the corresponding instruments; they also know how to get that characteristic folklore sound out of them. And with this library you now have that characteristic sound at your fingertips, too.

Alpine Volksmusik can be used in many ways. You are a singer or soloist, who wants to arrange his/her own compositions? You need semi-playbacks for live-performances? You plan to add specific sounds to your real studio-recordings? You need a pre-production for guest-musicians? Alpine Volksmusik covers all of this with ease. Use the outstanding instruments of this library to compose and arrange songs in your digital work station to your liking and in highest quality.


And that's not even all: The instruments of Alpine Volksmusik can be used in multiple musical genres such as American polka, Balkan pop or even Hip-Hop. Whenever cheerful brass instruments, vivid accordions and nice-sounding acoustic guitars are needed, Alpine Volksmusik will offer you a perfect selection of instruments.


  • Bass Trombone: The Bass Trombone, was played by Sebastian Fuchsberger, a great musician and founding member of the Austrian band Global Kryner.

  • Baritone Horn: Sepp Mattlschweiger is the number 1 baritonist in Austria. Even while playing the “Big C” his baritone horn has the same power as in the higher ranges. Sepp and his group, Juchee, are also great live performers!

  • Trumpet: Ivan Prešern longtime member of the Alpenoberkrainer group from Slovenia

  • Tuba: The internationally renowned tuba soloist Jon Sass is the master of the special Jazz Tuba sound.

  • Clarinet: Prof. Vito Muženic unique and emotional style is a main ingredient for the original Oberkariner Sound.

  • Guitars: Renato Verlic & Sabrina Klotz, two beautiful guitars, featuring picking & authentic volksmusik chords.

  • Voice: Freddy Pfister, original sound bites in Zillertaler dialect, incl. Yodelling!

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Additional Instruments

In addition to the great musicians, the library features 14 more instruments with unique articulations,
ready to lift your music into the alps!

Full instruments / articulation list:

  • Solo trumpet = Long / Marcato / Staccato

  • Trumpet ensemble = Sustain

  • Clarinet = Long / Soft long

  • Baritone Horn = Marcato / Staccato

  • Bass Trombone = Staccato / Soft Staccato / Marcato / Long

  • Guitar Picking = Picking long / Alternative single strum

  • Guitar Chords = Major / Minor / 7th / Dim / Open

  • Nylon Guitar Bass = Picking long / Picking short

  • Nylon Guitar Chords = Major / Minor / 7th / Dim

  • Tuba = Staccato / Marcato long

  • Accordions = Register: Piccolo / Musette / Violin / Basson

  • Alpenschellen (Alpin Bells) = Sustain

  • Drums (All) = Various Drum sounds & claps

  • Drumkit = Full Drumkit

  • Dulcimer = Sustain

  • Zillertaler Geige (Fiddle) = Long / Marcato

  • Steirische A – D (diatonic button accordions) = Sustain

  • Synthbass (CS01 & DX100) = Sustain

  • Walzer Bass = Sustain

  • Voice FX = vocal phrases / yodelling


The interface of the Alpine Volksmusik Library provides an easy way to customize the sound of the instruments. In addition to the standard controls volume, pan, and reverb, each instrument / patch has its own parameters, incl. some special features like Legato, Filters, Delay-FX and more.

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