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*** Crossgrade for registered owners of Alpine Volksmusik 2

Alpine Volksmusik offers 24 single instruments, from Accordion to the „Zillertaler“ violin. This collection offers everything you need to compose music in the authentic Alpine and Upper Carniola style. Only the best artists of this genre were recorded for these instruments.

Alpine Volksmusik can be used in many ways. You are a singer or soloist, who wants to arrange his/her own compositions? You need semi-playbacks for live-performances? You plan to add specific sounds to your real studio-recordings? You need a pre-production for guest-musicians? Alpine Volksmusik covers all of this with ease. Use the outstanding instruments of this library to compose and arrange songs in your digital work station to your liking and in highest quality.

Alpine Volksmusik can sound both traditional and modern. Simply choose the instruments that fit your music. Select a dulcimer and an accordion for family music or go for a small marching band from the upper Carniolan region! Are you in need of a soft sounding nylon-string guitar for a ballad or do you want modern drums, brass, vocal effects and a special synth-bass from Zillertal? Alpine Volksmusik will deliver it all! Naturally, you may complete this library with other instruments to create party-music, cover-versions and Après-Ski-tunes with authentic folkloristic sounds.

And that's not even all: The instruments of Alpine Volksmusik can be used in multiple musical genres such as American polka, Balkan pop or even Hip-Hop. Whenever cheerful brass instruments, vivid accordions and nice-sounding acoustic guitars are needed, Alpine Volksmusik will offer you a perfect selection of instruments.

Additional Instruments
In addition to the great musicians, the library features 14 more instruments with unique articulations,
ready to lift your music into the alps!

Full instruments / articulation list:

  • Solo trumpet = Long / Marcato / Staccato
  • Trumpet ensemble = Sustain
  • Clarinet = Long / Soft long
  • Baritone Horn = Marcato / Staccato
  • Bass Trombone = Staccato / Soft Staccato / Marcato / Long
  • Guitar Picking = Picking long / Alternative single strum
  • Guitar Chords = Major / Minor / 7th / Dim / Open
  • Nylon Guitar Bass = Picking long / Picking short
  • Nylon Guitar Chords = Major / Minor / 7th / Dim
  • Tuba = Staccato / Marcato long
  • Accordions = Register: Piccolo / Musette / Violin / Basson
  • Alpenschellen (Alpin Bells) = Sustain
  • Drums (All) = Various Drum sounds & claps
  • Drumkit = Full Drumkit
  • Dulcimer = Sustain
  • Zillertaler Geige (Fiddle) = Long / Marcato
  • Steirische A – D (diatonic button accordions) = Sustain
  • Synthbass (CS01 & DX100) = Sustain
  • Walzer Bass = Sustain
  • Voice FX = vocal phrases / yodelling


BEST SERVICE GMBH ENGINE 2 Sample Player is included with this product!

macOS 10.12-12
64 bit
Apple Silicon (support via Rosetta 2)
Intel Mac

Windows 8-11
32 bit & 64 bit
Intel Core processor