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The AX73 Sample Library instrument isn't just a faithful recreation of the Martinic AX73 plugin. We've also added eight post-synth effect units that mimic the FX chain in the Martinic AX73, giving you even more versatility and flexibility in your sound design.

Designed for Kontakt 6.5.3+ Full retail version (Not for Kontakt Player)


  • 32 Powerful Kontakt .nki instrument presets made for the full retail Kontakt 6.5.3+
  • Eight ‘external’ (post synth) effect units mimicking the FX chain in the Martinic AX73
  • 116 MIDI note range
  • 24 bit / 48 kHz samples
  • 7192 stereo samples using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression
  • 20.1 GB Installed

Tech Specs


OS X 1.0.0

Disk: 20 GB

Plugins: OTHER


Windows 1.0.0

Disk: 20 GB

Plugins: OTHER