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Beatmaker Chord Resource serves up an extensive collection of chords to bring you a fresh load of inspiration for your productions.

Drawing on our extensive music theory knowledge, we’ve taken out the hassle of figuring out key relationships and finding chords which flow nicely together.

Whether you have no music theory knowledge at all or are a seasoned pro, this collection is an invaluable kit for those moments when you simply need a quick burst of creativity.

Simply mix and match from the multitude of available chords to find the right vibe for your beats!

For starters, we’ve mapped out every major and minor triad in every inversion. Tried and tested over decades of popular music and featuring on many a hit record, these are your bread and butter chords to get things going.

Moving onto 7th chords in all inversions, a staple of Lofi, Jazz and countless other genres, an extra touch of harmony awaits your beats with the rich flavours offered by this essential chord type.

Next up come extended chords for when you are looking to journey into more adventurous territory with add 9, 9ths, 11th and 13ths.

Only a single inversion are included for these but the creative possibilities are limitless, add or subtract notes and mix up octaves to carve out your own complex chord progressions.

To make sure we’ve covered everything, there’s also suspended chords in both triad and 7th versions to make your progressions move even more smoothly.

We didn’t want to leave it at just that so also brought in the more exotic Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor modes full of 7th chords in every inversion. These will bring that extra bit of spice to your beats, sprinkling unique flavors wherever they are placed.

If all of this wasn’t inspiration enough, you also get 48 ready made progressions to play with, 24 major and 24 minor covering every key.

The first set are diatonic, meaning every chord directly relates to the key while the second set venture ever-so-slightly off key to introduce borrowed chords from other keys to make your progressions stand out even more.

All of the chords flow seamlessly when played in ascending order on your keyboard or piano roll but the real fun is in mixing them up and finding your own variations!

For the producer who prefers straight MIDI to work with, we bounced out everything from the Cthulhu presets to provide you essential music theory reference points ready for your DAW.

Simply drop a MIDI file onto a track for instant access to different chord types within a given key then pick out your favorites to use, rearrange and manipulate!