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Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi is a unique multiple tracks real time spectrum analyzer: it lets you visualize the spectral content of several audio tracks on the same screen with extreme smoothness and high resolution, for both time and frequency.

FreqAnalyst Multi is the ideal solution for mixing: you can use it as a frequency overlap detector and actually see which part of the spectrum every single instrument uses. It is now also possible to easily compare the spectrum of several instances (for EQ matching or response curve measurement) thanks to the new 'Diff' view which displays the difference between several curves.

Just like with Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro plug-in, the frequency analysis can be fine tuned in details, and three modes are offered for each channel: instant, peak or average response of several audio tracks can be displayed on the same graph (the plugin supports up to 16 curves). Zooming capabilities and coordinates display let you exactly measure the characteristics of the spectrum for each audio track. Thanks to the advanced routing capabilities you can define different settings for each track and thus adapt the analysis for each audio signal you want to analyze. Our multiple tracks tutorial shows you how simple multiple tracks spectrum analysis can be.

The four memory slots let you store any curve in memory: it helps you make comparisons between several setups or portions of your audio project very easily.

Thanks to included window opacity management feature and advanced layout customization capabilities, you can adapt the plug-in user interface to your personal needs and enhance your workflow. It is also possible to create a completely custom user interface using Blue Cat's skinning language.

If you are looking for a single track spectrum analyzer with a spectrogram view and audio to MIDI capabilities, check our Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro plug-in.

Blue Cat Audio Standards:

Available in most plug-in formats for Mac and Windows. Full MIDI control and automation support, MIDI Learn. No CPU load on idle: processing shuts down when fed with silence (optimal CPU usage). Customizable user interface with transparency & zoom. Smooth Bypass: noiseless plug-in activation / deactivation. Undo/Redo. Full featured integrated presets manager. Copy/paste the state of the plug-in between instances. Any sample rate supported.

Version 2.4

Single Installer on Mac (all plug-ins formats). Apple Silicon (M1 processor) support. Dropped 32-bit support on Mac. Now requires MacOS 10.9 and newer. Arrow keys can now be used to navigate presets. Added MIDI control support (MIDI CC messages) for Next and Previous Preset commands, with MIDI learn. Improved MIDI & automation control settings with lock, reset and "save as global setting" capabilities. Improved smooth plug-in bypass (faster and smoother transition). Unicode support. Reduced the number of threads used by the plug-in. Reduced memory footprint. Windows: improved GUI loading performance. VST3: fixed random crash in Ableton Live 11 upon load.