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The Ultimate Impulse Response Loader & Guitar Cabinet Simulator

Delving into the realms of exploration, refinement, intricate mixing, precise EQing, nuanced tone matching, and seamless exporting - Cabinetron stands as a comprehensive toolkit. Beyond its role as an IR (impulse response) loader, Cabinetron emerges as the solution, connecting every dot in the intricate process between your amplifier and the resonance that reaches your ears. With its meticulous cataloging capabilities, it not only organizes but elevates your audio journey, ensuring a harmonious bridge that transcends the ordinary, making every step from your amp to your ears a refined and immersive experience.

Mission One: Sound Quality

While you might have a treasure trove of impulse responses, it's crucial not to squander them on an IR loader that falls short on sound quality.

Believe it or not, every IR loader sounds distinct, even if they share the same algorithm. The key factor here is the rounding errors in convolution DSP codes. The top priority is sound quality. Just like the specialized Adaptive Filter Topologies for the Kirchhoff-EQ, they've crafted a noise-shaping algorithm exclusively for IR convolution in Cabinetron. This ensures that each of your impulse responses not only gets played but resonates authentically, truly 'pushing the air' for a superior sound experience.

Optional Non-linear Enhancement

Convolution nails 99% of a guitar cabinet's simulation, capturing its linear essence. But what about that crucial 1% of nonlinearity?

Cabinetron doesn't just load IRs transparently; it delves into modeling the non-linear dance of the voice coil within the magnet. This amplifies nonlinearity, giving your IRs an authentic cabinet feel and your tone a captivating '3D' depth.

Your call - tweak the parameter or leave it be.


  • Browsing - With Cabinetron's integrated IR File Browser, effortlessly manage your IR catalog. No more navigating through a massive collection aimlessly. The specialized file system offers a one-step solution for searching, tagging, favoriting, and organizing multi-paths - boosting efficiency and keeping your focus on the music.
  • 400+ IR Presets - Cabinetron offers you over 400 IR presets designed delicately for various genres and styles. They hope that no matter if you are an IR expert, or just stepped into the world of IR’s, will get some flashes of inspiration from their IR presets.
  • Editing - Tweak before seeking more IRs with Cabinetron's versatile IR editor. Unleash your creativity in crafting unique guitar tones. Whether comparing or mixing up to 8 iconic cabinet sounds, Cabinetron is your sole tool for making it happen.
  • Spectrum Smoothing Technology - Cabinetron enables you to 'smooth' your IR by refining its spectrum. By eliminating 'fuzzy' components, resonant frequencies and phase chaos are notably reduced. You have the option to smooth the IR down to an 'outline' of its frequency response, allowing you to craft your distinctive sound.
  • 31 EQ Curve Mutations - Cabinetron is stored with 31 well-crafted guitar EQ curves that give you the ability to adapt your IR to various music styles. With the Mutation knob, you can apply the variations to any of your IR’s, which means you can get 31 different IR’s out of the original one.
  • ‘FRED’ Miking Technique Simulation - Experience the real-world 'FRED' miking technique in a simulated form for your IRs with Cabinetron. Easily 'FRED' your tone using a single knob, adjusting the ratio of signals from two microphones set at a 45-degree angle to bring nuanced variations to your recordings.


  • macOS 10.11 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Apple Silicon compatible
  • RAM: 2GB


  • Windows 8 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Intel or AMD CPU with SSE 4.1
  • RAM: 2GB

Extra Requirements on Specific Hosts:

  • Logic Pro X or higher (Logic 9 is not supported)
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