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The Everything Bundle contains all of the following Capsule Audio products:
  • Ghostwriter - Step into a realm where chilling soundscapes meet the pulse of trap and drill. This Capsule features over 60 masterfully curated instruments, crafted for those who dare to infuse their tracks with a touch of the macabre.
  • Circuit City- Enter the neon-lit streets of Circuit City. Including 64 meticulously crafted presets to immerse yourself in the sounds of a dystopian future with growling basses, soaring leads, ethereal pads, glitchy stabs, and much more.
  • Nightfall - Scary sounds to haunt your nightmares, the suspenseful sounds of Nightfall cover twisted timbres, inspired by movies from Alien to Zombieland.
  • Aeolus Solo - Aeolus Solo is the second installment in our orchestral brass series, featuring solo horn and trumpet samples.
  • Polychrome - Introducing Polychrome, a dynamic sound library that offers a perfect blend of classic and modern synthesis.
  • Arco Solista - A sister Capsule to “Arco Classico” ensemble strings, these solo performances capture the timeless sound of a symphony orchestra’s two leading lights; violin and cello.
  • Zephyr - Pure and clean, the sound of emotive woodwinds captured in this graceful Capsule.
  • Heart string - This Capsule started life as a delicately-sampled concert harp. Once experiments began, these mutated plucks took a twisted turn. From creamy pizzicato-style picking to crowd-pleasing synth twangs, this diverse collection of sounds are just as at home in the club as the concert hall.
  • Retro strings - Influenced by classic vintage gear, this Capsule collects smooth analog strings from synths of yesteryear, with an eye on the future.
  • Stratus Drip - Inspired by the smoothest and trippiest sounds, Stratus Drip is a collection of ethereal instruments for the modern trap producer.
  • Sanctus - “Sanctus” channels the power and poise of the human voice. Capturing a 24-piece male and female choir, the raw sounds of this Capsule feature sung syllables, both sustains, and staccato.
  • Felt piano - The soft and introspective sound of the prepared piano is essential for cinematic scoring.
  • Retro brass - These 64 piercing presets include classic retro brass sounds sampled from analog synths and given a modern makeover in the Capsule engine.
  • Aeolus - This is the timeless heroic sound of a twelve-piece classical brass ensemble, expertly captured with two microphone positions for natural ambience, multiple dynamic layers, and ten different orchestral articulations resulting in one colossal sounding


  • OS X macOS 10.13 High Sierra and above (64-bit only)
  • CPU: Intel processor or M1 Apple Silicon via Rosetta 2
  • Plugins: VST-3, AU

  • Windows Windows 10 and above (64-bit only)
  • Plugins: VST-3