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FIR-Based 4-Quadrant Compressor/Expander - Ultra-smooth dynamic range compression and expansion

dB Smooth is a unique dynamics processor based on Finite Impulse Response (FIR) vs. traditional analog style level detectors. The FIR detectors are very precise and exactly surround the current audio sample producing a uniquely “smooth” sound at all settings. db Smooth also employs a unique “Unity gain threshold” where boost and cut are applied above and below this setting for gain matching by design. This approach allows the user to change compression/expansion ratios without having to re-adjust makeup gain levels. db Smooth is a 4-Quadrant dynamics processor that can be used for: •Wide range compression •Wide range expansion •Upward compression •Downward compression •Upward expansion •Downward expansion dB Smooth has as a very “clean” sound that does not break up or distort even at high ratios making it suitable for: •Mixing •Mastering •Post Production Video/Film Audio •Webcasting •Podcasting


  • Dynamics range control continuously variable from 10:1 compression thru 1:2 expansion
  • External side chain input
  • Mix control for parallel compression effects
  • Oversampled output soft clipper/limiter
  • 4 choices of stereo operation: Peak Linked, Average Linked, Independent Left/Right, and Mid/Side




  • OS X OS 10.13 or higher
  • Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX


  • Windows 64-bit Win7 or higher
  • Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX