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Easily create individual instruments

Edward Custom is a powerful tool for importing your own samples. Easily create individual instruments for your needs!

With Edward Custom you can create patches to match Edward or cover completely new genres such as guns, crowds, explosions or even musical applications.

  • Dropzone - This is where you will drop your own samples to create your instruments. The thing that makes Edward Custom so powerful is that you have the ability to drop a group of 40 samples per drop zone. You can drop audio from your OS or any application that allows you to drag audio files to another destination.

  • Note Linking - A powerful feature of Edward Custom is the ability to link midi notes together. For example, if you want different notes to trigger the same group of sounds. This could be helpful for performance as with our other instruments. Another way in which the linking function can be very powerful is by linking different pattern groups together so that they are played simultaneously. Depending on how you build up your groups, you will get a wonderful variation of your sounds.

  • Quick Knobs - The quick knobs are meant to be assignable controls that give you easy access to FX for each deck. Instead of hard assigning controls to the knobs we wanted to give you control to assign the knobs to whatever you please.

Note: A full version of Edward Ultimate Suite is required to use this product.