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Convolution Synthesizer, hundreds of special effect loops

Galaxy Instruments and BEST SERVICE GMBH proudly present an exciting virtual instrument with an extraordinary new kind of sound design:


Galaxy X is a CONVOLUTION SYNTHESIZER, bringing an extremely powerful and creative sound design tool at your disposal: FX CONVOLUTION X features more than 1400 convolution X-Files to completely change over 15GB of source sounds, that were all specifically recorded and tweaked for X. Divided into three instrument categories X-Keys, X-FX and X-Loops, Galaxy X delivers a complete production pack.

This is the X-Loops version

X-LOOPS - hundreds of special effect loops from Galaxy X

For instant use, you can choose from 228 READY-TO-PLAY INSTRUMENT LAYERS based on 3.5 GB sample content. With the particularly created, very intuitive and effective user interface, it´s a snap to completely change an instrument layer or create new ones from scratch.

Welcome to the world of Sound Design.

BEST SERVICE GMBH Engine 2.5.0 required.

Find more information as well as audio- and video-demos with the Galaxy X full version

Galaxy X-Loops GUI