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In Trinidad and Tobago’s rich musical landscape the rhythm section or ‘engine room’, as it is commonly referred to, is the group of percussion instruments that traditionally accompanied the steelpans, providing the pulse and rhythmic drive for the entire band. The sound of the rhythm section is one which when heard evokes feelings of festivity and celebrations as it fills the air with the clangs of iron and metal, an abrasive symphony of energy.

Regarded as the premier engine room in Trinidad, the Laventille Rhythm Section  born out of the hills of Laventille over two decades ago, has evolved through its instrumental and rhythmic innovations, into an entity which can command a performance all on its own.  The vibrations which are created whenever they perform is nothing short of phenomenal.

IndigiSounds has teamed up with acclaimed electronic music duo and Caribbean dance music pioneers Jus Now, to bring to producers worldwide the first of its kind, an authentic rhythm sample library which captures the unique sound of the Laventille Rhythm Section. Now you have the means of  harnessing the awesome power and energy produced by these instruments with the tips of your fingers.


Access to over 3500 instrument samples.

Consists of 3 microphone placements (near, middle and far) to enhance the production experience.

Option to access velocity control (for single strikes – 5 velocity layers), transposition, extended instrument ranges and ADSR envelope.

Bonus feature –  contains eight authentic rhythm  loops created by the Laventille Rhythm Section and Jus Now.

All loops and flams are tempo-aligned to improve playability.

Playback capability for music notation software and Digital Audio Workstations using KONTAKT PLAYER as a VST or AU plugin.