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The Iconic and Versatile 808 Sound

Nepheton 2 captures the essence of the iconic 808, a cornerstone in over 40 years of music history, and goes beyond being a faithful reproduction. Its authentic sound makes it an indispensable tool for creating today’s dance, hip-hop, R'n'B, trap, and electronic tracks. Enhanced with a comprehensive effects section, Nepheton 2 further transcends the classic 808 emulation and delivers punchy and dynamic sounds that effortlessly cut through any mix.

Since its debut in 1980, the 808 has revolutionized music. Icons like Kanye West, Marvin Gaye and Afrika Bambaataa have heavily used it. Initially a commercial failure, the 808 is now a prized music production tool. In 1983 Roland decided to discontinue the product after just 12,000 units. Today, original 808s are rare and often sell for over 5,000 euros.

With the D16 Nepheton, you get the original sound and so much more without breaking the bank. The many enhancements in Nepheton 2 are not limited to sound. When we developed the original Nepheton, our team dedicated immense effort to replicate the actual components of the traditional hardware, until we achieved the distinctive sound it’s renowned for. With Nepheton 2, we've upgraded both the sound emulation and the user interface.

This way the sound and interface would remain familiar, allowing enthusiasts of the original to dial in their sound more rapidly. Our commitment to delivering a genuine 808 experience with a seamless workflow is

evident in every detail. The full-fledged effects section, including a comprehensive range of algorithms from bitcrushers to reverbs, ensures that each beat stands out in any mix with clarity and punch.

At its core, Nepheton 2 offers an extensive factory content library. With scenes, drum kits, and patterns ready out-of-the-box, producers can dive straight into the creative process. The collection encompasses the most iconic and recognizable drum sounds, finely tuned for modern productions.

Innovation in Nepheton 2 also involves the sequencer. Features like the Tap function, Randomizer, and MIDI export via drag-and-drop foster an inspiring and efficient workflow. Whether recording beats live or seeking new rhythmic ideas, Nepheton 2 adapts to every producer's style.

Each drum sound has an independent channel strip with EQ and compression, allowing for meticulous sound shaping. Nepheton 2 also comes with hundreds of presets that sound great straight out-of-the-box. The added depth of articulations like Flam and Substep variations provides more detailed rhythmic options.

Nepheton 2's master section is the final touch in the signal chain. With multi-band compression and a limiter featuring a soft-clip option, it ensures that each beat packs the necessary punch and character.

Nepheton 2 also features MIDI map and trigger outs which truly integrates it with your external hardware and software. This makes Nepheton 2 not just a plugin, but an integral part of any modern studio setup.

Nepheton 2 stands as a testament to D16 Group’s commitment to excellence in audio software. By combining the legendary 808 sound with modern controls, D16’s Nepheton 2 offers producers a faster route to their creative goals. Its effect chains enable precise sound shaping, while the enhanced workflow allows for full control. The improved workflow and innovative features like sequencer presets and a randomizer ignite new creative possibilities. We’ve taken the 808 and supercharged it!

System Requirements


  • OS version - Windows 7 - Windows 11
  • Architecture - 64-Bit, 32-Bit
  • CPU - Intel x86 / AMD x86
  • Software - VST2 / VST3 / AAX compatible application
  • Sample Rate - ≥ 44.1 kHz


  • OS version - 10.13 - 14
  • Architecture - 64-Bit
  • CPU - Intel x86 / Apple Silicon
  • Software - VST2 / AU compatible application
  • Sample Rate - ≥ 44.1 kHz