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Organum Venezia - a must for every Classical/Church Pipe Organ player, and lover of the romantic French type church organ sound!

“Organum Venezia” is a virtual church organ. Actually located and recorded near Venice (Italy), it reflects the characteristics and sound of a typical French romantic organ like the ones built by Cavaillé-Coll and Puget.

The instrument was built by Andrea Zeni Tesero (Trento) in 1999, honoring the 100st anniversary of Cavaillé-Coll's death.

Organum Venezia shot

We captured the sounds of every pipe and more importantly, the ambience of the church in which it is located, using professional and meticulous microphone techniques. Every detail of the sound, the “breath” and “color” of each single stop was captured to recreate a charming and evocative atmosphere that only the “King of Instruments” has to offer. From the majestic “Tutti” to the most tender “Flute” and the bright “Reeds”, every sound is at your fingertips and will make you feel like you are standing right in that most enchanting cathedral!

Organum in church

The library features ready-to-use, pre-programmed combinations.

Organum Venezia Interface

Stops available to choose from:

  • Tutti (combination)

  • Combi Funds 8 (combination)

  • Combi Flutes 4 (combination)

  • Combi Ripieno (combination)

  • Combi Reeds (combination)

  • Old Chappel (special “old style” stop)

Grand Organ (GOR) manual stops:

  • Basson 16

  • Trumpet 8

  • Flute 16

  • Montre 8

  • Prestant 4

  • Plein

Positive (POS) manual stops:

  • Oboe 8

  • Flute 8

  • Octave

  • Nazard

  • Celeste

Pedal (PED) board stop:

  • Flute 16

Organum Venezia was developed by V3SOUND in collaboration with “Symphonia Concert Library” and BEST SERVICE GMBH