Origins Bundle 2 Vol. 6-10

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Ethnic Instrument Collection

Create a musical journey for your audience by immersing yourself in cultures from all around the world with the help of these motivating couples. Let the pairs of arpeggiators put actual compositional power at your fingertips by releasing the potential of these instruments, which are frequently not present in the same musical worlds. The ORIGINS BUNDLE VOL. 6–10 combines 10 exquisitely recorded instruments into 5 captivating sets, each driven by a separate arpeggiator to produce distinctive rhythms and patterns.

With the ORIGINS BUNDLE VOL. 6–10, unleash your creativity! Take your sound to the next level with the help of its streamlined controls, a famed Multi Arpeggio Designer, and a simplified musical journey.


The ORIGINS BUNDLE includes 10 wonderful playable solo ethnic vst instruments, combined in 5 instrument-pairs, with beautifully interlocked and entwined pulses, patterns and arpeggios! Exclusive for this bundle and not included in the individual products, you get each instrument as a solo NKI-Instrument for Kontakt.

  • MULTI-ARPEGGIO-DESIGNER - At the heart of every ORIGINS product is the Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD). Interlocking patterns and expansive soundscapes are generated by two completely customizable arpeggiators, which combine the distinctive tones of the two instruments. Instead of a machine arbitrarily matching notes, the engine is meant to depict a human performance within a true musical context. Simply load one of the 100+ inspiring presets or get as creative as you like by making your own. Bring your musical vision to life with the MAD’s many features and controls.

  • COPY ARPEGGIO DESIGNS BETWEEN ALL ORIGINS INSTRUMENTS - Did you design your own original and brilliant arpeggio pattern and now you want to try it out with other ORIGINS pairs? No problem! Just copy and paste it and use it instantly in any other ORIGINS product.

  • COLORS MENU - The 12 different color presets give you even more ways to shape your sound. Each color has its own distinct personality and is composed of several impulse responses and a wide range of effects settings. While each MAD preset was designed with a color already assigned, you’re free to mix and match them as you like. This allows for more than 1200 distinct combinations and sounds!


In addition to the 5 beautifully matched couples, you will get each ethnic vst instrument as a solo NKI-instrument. This provides you even more flexibility in the selection of your sounds.