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Intelligent A.I EQ Plugin with L/R/M/S

The intelligent equalizer smart:EQ, the powerhouse in sonible’s suite of AI-assistive tools, has become a staple for audio producers the world over. Its unique smart:filter spectrally balances tracks in seconds and makes spectral mixing a simple matter of dragging and dropping alongside other tracks in a group. With smart:EQ 4, sonible has heightened the equalizer’s versatility as well as added new control features.

smart:EQ offers hierarchical control over multitrack unmasking processes, and for version 4, any instance within the same group can be controlled from any other instance. The plugin’s AI-powered Profiles have also been enhanced and expanded: choose one of the new genre-based Mix Profiles or import a reference track, and smart:EQ will now be able to use these as targets for your track’s character. The core smart:filter within each EQ instance has now been boosted with a Smoothing parameter for gentler filtering. Standard EQ bands can now perform as a Dynamic EQ with familiar compressor and gate-style controls. An Auto Gain function to compensate for level adjustments has also been added.

Top-down or Bottom-up Mixing
The traditional way to mix a project, starting with individual elements and building a mix piece-by-piece, is the bottom-up method for mixing music. This tried-and-tested approach is still possible in smart:EQ 4, with simple control over the character of each channel of a mix thanks to the plugin’s spectral shaping, but another tactic is possible as well. smart:EQ 4’s smart:filter can be used in three modes: 'Track' balances the channel; 'Group' doesn’t affect the channel but reduces masking between it and other group members; 'Track and Group' applies balancing to the channel and makes it subject to unmasking.

AI-powered smart:filter Take on New Profiles
The smart:filter is the centerpiece of smart:EQ, balancing the signal based on a target Profile such as drums, bass, vocals or the default Universal Profile. smart:EQ 4 has new Mix Profiles trained on entire mixes from specific genres. A new Reference Profile feature allows you to load an entire finished track or individual instrument and have smart:EQ 4 emulate its character and balance on your channel or buss.

‘Remote Control’ for Spectral Mixing
In version 4 you don’t just see how other smart:EQ instances within the same group are reacting – you can view their behavior and change their parameters from any single instance within the same group. In 'Group View', two entire EQ curves can be selected before being edited on-screen, and all instances can have profiles selected and analyzed.

In-depth control in Track View
In 'Track View', the current instance takes priority, but the group properties and placements are still accessible and can be changed. In addition to the smart:filter, smart:EQ’s regular EQ bands now sport dynamic behavior, with Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release and Range controls. These regular EQ bands can be used alongside or instead of the main smart:filter bands for any instance of smart:EQ 4.


  • smart:filter technology offers spectral balance on single tracks/busses and intelligent cross-channel processing between instances
  • Spectral mixing via drag & drop – Group view for creating an unmasking hierarchy of up to ten tracks
  • ‘Remote control’ of EQ for multiple tracks in any instance within the same Group
  • Wide range of profiles for instruments, speech and entire mixes by genre
  • Create custom profiles from reference tracks
  • Dynamic controls for regular filters with Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release controls
  • Selectable processing mode for the smart:filter (Track, Group, Track & Group)
  • Auto Gain, Comprehensive M/S processing, smart states,...
  • Custom learning time for smart:filter computation

Tech Specs:

  • OS X MacOS 10.12+
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core (i5), M1


  • Windows Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core (i5)