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The Soundiron Student Bundle is a collection of 5 great virtual instrument libraries specially designed for music students, hobbyists and pros that want to take some of our most popular ensembles for a spin before diving into our more advanced professional products. This bundle includes our Hyperion Strings Micro orchestral string ensemble, Hyperion Brass Micro orchestral brass ensemble, Olympus Choir Micro symphonic choral ensemble, Apocalypse Percussion Micro drum ensemble and Antidrum Machine, a completely bonkers sound designer's goldmine packed with thousands of creative instruments, objects and acoustic sources. s to any of these included libraries at a big discount whenever they're ready to level up!

Hyperion Strings Micro is a compact and easy-to-use orchestral string ensemble with a brilliant modern sound and rich tonal warmth. The violin, viola, cello and double bass sections each offer multi-dynamic sustains that can be smoothly swelled from pianissimo to fortissimo with full vibrato control, as well as staccato, spiccato and pizzicato short notes and expressive crescendos and decrescendos.

Olympus Choir Micro is a virtual symphonic chorus widely revered for its huge full-bodied tone, well-balanced character and natural realism. The men's and women's sections each include fortissimo "Ah" and pianissimo "Oo" sustains and staccatos as well as a pair of tempo-locking Latin and Slavonic chanting poly-sustains, all spanning a wide chromatic range with a full suite of tone and performance-shaping controls, convolution reverb with lots of real-world spaces to choose from and a full modular DSP effects rack. 

Antidrum Machine is the ultimate compendium of alternative instruments, experimental sfx, machines, toys, electronics, tools, spare parts and all manner of sonic oddities. We call it the Antidrum machine because it has all of the bells and whistles of a powerful drum machine engine on steroids, with an utterly massive variety of surprising and strange tonal and percussive sound sources, all captured in exsquisite and life-like detail. 

Product Specs
Built for the free Kontakt Player and NKS Standard Hardware


  • 5 virtual instruments
  • 99 Presets
  • Symphonic strings, brass, choir and percussion
  • Thousands of exotic, fun and experimental instruments and sfx
  • 12.5 GB Installed
  • 27,589 stereo samples
  • 24-bit, 48 kHz Stereo Lossless NCW Audio Format
  • Made for the free Kontakt Player and Kontakt version 6.2 and later
  • Compatible with Komplete Kontrol, S-Series Keyboards and all NKS software and hardware by Native Instruments
  • Works with the Kontakt "Libraries" browser and Native Access

Tech Specs

  • OS X OSX 10.12 or higher required for Mac.
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Disk: 13 GB
  • Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX, STAND-ALONE


  • Windows Windows 7 or higher required for PC.
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Disk: 13 GB
  • Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX, STAND-ALONE