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Sub-Harmonic Generator - Because you can’t EQ what isn’t there!

The  idea  behind  SubMassive  is  that  "you  can't  EQ what  isn't  there".    In  the  same way  that  harmonic  exciters  can be  used  to  generate  high  end  for  sounds  lacking  high  frequencies  SubMassive  can  be  used  to  generate  low frequencies that do not exist in the source material.
SubMassive  works  by  synthesizing  low  frequency  audio  an  octave  below  the  source  audio  using  a  high  quality pitch  shift  algorithm  that  has  been  optimized  for  low  frequencies. The  plugin  uses  audio  information  above  the “Fill  Below”  threshold  to  generate  audio  information  below  the  Fill  Below  threshold  adding  “weight”  to  the source  signal.  The  new  low  frequencies  are,  therefore,  harmonically  related  to  the  source  audio  and  tightly coupled in timing accuracy.
The  generated  LFE  signal  can  further  be  adjusted  to  lead  or  lag  the  source  signal  allowing  unique  sound modifications.

SubMassive can be used to:

  • Create super-huge low end in EDM mixes
  • Add "mass" to kick drums, snare drums and toms
  • Fatten lead vocals, bass and guitars•Generate an LFE channel for post-production video
  • Modify sounds using low end time shift effects