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TITAN 2 header

Experience the most extensive and diversified synthesizer in a completely new version!

TITAN 2 outshines its predecessor by doubling its sound-library, adding countless new presets, a fully redesigned user-interface as well as sound shaping potential exceeding even the originals!

TITAN 2 emulates no less than 266 synthesizers

The content covers the full spectrum of this instrument's glorious history. Here, you will find everything of distinction, ranging from the 70's until today, covering every kind of sound synthesis. This plug-in includes the latest virtual instruments, analogue classics, legendary modular systems, prominent digital synthesizers, powerful workstation as well as unheard rarities.

"This is truly a bottomless ocean of sound"

The developers faced the challenge of preserving the incomparable character of the original instruments, yet enabling the creation of individual and entirely new soundscapes with TITAN 2.

TITAN 2 comes with a gigantic library of 12,800 presets. Besides basses, leads and pads, the new version  offers various sounds designed for current dance productions. TITAN 2 does not simply offer sounds of current famous synthesizers, but is actually able to often replace these instruments – thanks to its carefully reproduced wave forms and elaborated edit-functions.

TITAN 2 contains the full content of TITAN 1. The former was focused on classic hardware-synthesizers while the new version completes this large sonic choice with sounds targeting current dance- and pop-genres/productions as well as film and video-scoring. 

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    TITAN 2's user-interface consists of two discrete synthesizers with individual and independent filters, envelopes, modulation options and effects. This way, sounds of different synthesizers can be coupled and mixed to create completely new sounds. The integrated convolution reverb offers more than 1,000 high quality impulse responses, including parts of the renowned library "Halls of Fame"!

    It took more than 15 years and one of the largest private synthesizer-collections to realize the recordings of TITAN 1 and 2. 

    The complete sound-library consists of over 11,000 synthesizer-multi-samples and approximately 200,000 single samples. In addition, 1,800 up-to-date drum- and effect-sounds are offered, that were created independently and not just taken from the library’s synthesizers. To achieve best possible results, the multi-sampled instruments often contain fully recorded filter sweeps, multiple dynamic layers as well as up to 61 key zones. Almost every single sample was made inaudibly loopable with greatest care.

    The library's sample-content comprises a massive 80GB. Thanks to inaudible data-compression, this amount was reduced to a friendly amount of approximately 25GB on your hard-drive. At the same time, loading times for presets were significantly sped up and will, at the most, take one second – no matter what size.

    Overview TITAN 2

    • 266 distinctively emulated synthesizers
    • 12,800 presets (sorted by synthesizer- and sound-categories)
    • 1,800 drum- and FX-sounds
    • 1,500 rhythmical sequences
    • 2,000 arpeggiator-, sequencer-, modulation- and effects-presets
    • 80GB sample-content, reduced to 25GB using inaudible data compression
    • synthesizers can be combined and mixed to create new sounds
    • 64-bit-performance
    • two independent synthesizers per preset with individual filters, modulations and over 50 effects
    • convolution reverb with 1,000 impulse responses
    • superfast preset loading, less than one second
    • low CPU-load
    • all parameters are MIDI-controllable
    • "All-in-one" user-interface
    • complete modular system using Pro-Edit mode
    • Randomizer and Attacker
    • Auto-Playback section with arranger (chord memorizer, polyphonic MIDI-file-player)
    • extensive Arpeggiator and polyphonic step-sequencer
    • requires Free Engine or newer




    Version 10.9.0 or later (64-bit)
    RAM: 4GB (8+ GB highly recommended)
    Monitor: 1280-by-800 resolution or higher
    Storage: 500 MB
    Storage (processing): 5 GB (15 GB recommended)

    Version 7 SP1 or later (64-bit)
    RAM: 4GB (8+ GB highly recommended)
    Monitor: 1280-by-800 resolution or higher
    Storage: 500 MB
    Storage (processing): 5 GB (15 GB recommended)