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Uhbik is not a standalone product, it requires host software. Uhbik is compatible with nearly all DAWs.

Meet the family

Uhbik is a diverse set of audio processing tools, with familiar controls plus some unusual options for more creative possibilities. They all share a common philosophy: high quality sound and ease of use.

The Uhbiks share certain features, most notably surround sound: All of them can handle up to 8 audio channels including popular formats such as quadrophony, 5.1 and 7.1. No special version required, no confusing extra controls. Everything is right there and ready to go.

Uhbik-A: Ambience and reverb

Uhbik-A combines plate reverb and early reflections, with full control over each part to build the style of reverb you need. Sometimes you want a subtle touch of ambience, other times you want to float in space.

Uhbik-A has three operation modes designed for different reverb styles. All three share common controls that determine the spaciousness and feel. Bass and Treble shape the reflections, mimicking the absorptive properties of natural environments.

Uhbik-D: Delay and echo

Uhbik-D is a creative tool for vintage-style delays with digital enhancements.

Uhbik-D has five taps (playback heads), time (tape speed), and feedback. Two filters and modulation controls add subtle to dramatic colour and motion to your delays, similar to those older tape machines.

Uhbik-F: Flanger and chorus

The flanging effect comes in two traditional flavours: the twin tape machine method and the bucket brigade stomp box type. With Uhbik-F you get both—even at the same time if you want.

Uhbik-F comes with a few extras to enhance your final effect: Drive, a highpass filter to manage bass frequencies, and a feedback control (positive or negative) for intensifying the resonance in one of two different flavours.

Uhbik-G: Granular pitch shifter

By manipulating grains, Uhbik-G is capable of producing a wide range of effects from simple doubling to dramatic alien soundscapes. Transpose the pitch of each grain in semitones or scale the grain playback speed—which can be negative for unusual reverse effects. Surround sound capability lets you send differently scaled grains to each available channel.

Uhbik-G has a second mode capable of a very different effect: phase vocoding. The phase vocoder mode uses time-stretching / compressing for pitch shifting. Try it on your vocals for curious results.

Uhbik-P: Phaser

Uhbik-P is capable of many distinct sonic flavours by adjusting the filter frequency and feedback. Frequency adjustments move the filter ’comb‘ (peaks and troughs) around the spectrum, and feedback (positive or negative) widens the distance between peaks. You can control these manually, use automation or let the built-in LFO handle it.

With its built-in LFO and the other options common to all Uhbiks, Uhbik-P is a dramatic modulation device in a simple, sleek UI. Angelic shimmers and metallic textures await.

Uhbik-Q: Semi-parametric equalizer

From simple bass and treble knobs to massive 31 band graphic EQs, equalization is an essential part the recording process. Much can be (and has been) said about which features and qualities make the best EQs.

Uhbik-Q has two semi-parametric bands with switchable shelf and bell curves; adjust the frequency and the Q-factor is automatically adjusted for you. There are two additional filters for high and low cuts, and a dedicated low-shelf filter for handling bass frequencies.

Runciter: Distorting filter


Modulate the cutoff frequency manually, with the built-in envelope or via MIDI (breath, velocity, modwheel etc.). Attach a MIDI foot pedal and make your own wah/fuzz box.

The distortion options are capable of anything from mild grit to total sonic destruction. Dial in a little Fuzz, adjust the tone and you have some delicious tube distortion textures. Crank the Drive to push the distortion circuits even harder. Have fun… but watch your speakers.

Uhbik-S: Frequency shifter

Uhbik-S is a frequency shifter. There are similarities to chorus and phasing, but the movement in Uhbik-S is continuous, not back and forth via LFO.

Uhbik-S never compromises audio quality and minimizes certain side-effects commonly associated with frequency shifters.

Uhbik-T: Tremolo and panning

You can play with the regular LFO settings for some interesting synchronized effects, but to push Uhbik-T even further we added user-definable patterns with up to 16 steps. These replace the LFO and open up many more possibilities, turning the definition of a tremolo effect on its head.


  • Up to 8-channel surround sound
  • Resizeable UI (70% to 200%)
  • Soft bypass
  • Wet signal gain (+/? 12dB)

Tech Specs



OS X Mac OS X 10.7 or newer

Memory: 1 GB

CPU: Modern CPU (Sandy Bridge or newer recommended)

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX



Windows Windows 7 or newer

Memory: 1 GB

CPU: Modern CPU (Sandy Bridge or newer recommended)

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX