Vocal Reverb by Auto-Tune

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Vocal Reverb uses the power of artificial intelligence to speed up the process of creating a
great sounding reverb. Simply select the reverb style you want, and Vocal Reverb’s AI
recommends a perfect starting point, allowing you to achieve your desired vocal reverb sound quickly.

Proprietary Auto-EQ technology uses Auto-Tune pitch tracking to clean up the reverb tail.
Auto-EQ does this by tracking the singer's pitch and dynamically reducing the fundamental
frequency range in the reverb tail, resulting in a reverb that musically blends with the vocal.
Vocal Reverb offers three reverb styles and two Delay types. When the advanced panel is
expanded, five Pre-Verb Effects and five Post-Verb Effects are displayed to use for more
creative results.

Vocal Reverb also includes compelling artist presets from Bainz, Ian Kirkpatrick, Mischke, Dyryk and more spanning various vocal styles and moods, making it easy to explore new ideas.

Vocal Reverb Key Features:

  • AI Assist for quick optimal reverb settings
  • Auto-EQ powered by proprietary Auto-Tune Pitch Tracking Technology
  • Three Reverb Algorithms (Hall, Plate, Room)
  • Two Delay Types (Mono, Stereo Ping Pong)
  • Five Pre-Verb Effects (Pitch, Throat, Tube, De-Esser, Reverse)
  • Five Post-Verb Effects (Auto-EQ, Tone Shaper, Compressor, Gate, Width)
  • Apple Silicon Native M1/Pro/Max/Ultra Compatibility


  • Windows 10 and 11
  • AAX Native
  • VST3


  • macOS 11 and higher
  • AAX Native
  • VST3
  • AU